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When you live in a Local Appin home or Sydney home you’re far more likely to encounter a termite problem at some time in your property. There are a lot of termites in Appin and they’re always looking for a food source. If your home is a high risk or unprotected from termite’s then termites will forage for food source, this could easily be found within your walls of your home. Not to mention, there can be over one million termites living in a single colony and it is not uncommon to find two colonies within the same proximity of another.


If your home has no protection from termites, don’t wait another day thinking about it. Whether you have termites in your home already or want to take action before it’s too late we can help. We offer a wide range of termite control services to meet all your termite control needs. You need to take first step and Book a Termite Inspection 

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Termite Damage

Many Australian homeowners live in fear of termite infestations. A serious infestation can result in major timber damage, with consequently huge repair costs. A frightening aspect of a subterranean termite infestation is that the termites often flourish undetected until costly damage has already occurred. The goal of owners of older homes should be to find and stop the termites before the damage gets out of hand.

Subterranean termites are widespread in most warmer countries, causing substantial structural damage in urban areas. Subterranean termites occur in large colonies that live underground and feed on available wood. Termites can enter a structure by tunnelling through wood or by building mud leads over or through cracks in foundation walls. If you suspect that you have termites, you should have an inspection conducted by qualified personnel. However, there are signs that you can check for yourself.

Signs of Termite Activity

Evidence of subterranean termites may be one or more of the following:

  • A sagging door or floor, a warped wall, a hollow sounding beam.
  • Discoloured or blistering paint, depressions in wood, moisture collecting in unusual places, springy floors or steps
  • Mud shelter tubes (light / dark brown in colour – clay like texture)
  • Workings (mud like material) found in wall voids
  • Wood Rot (may attract termites)
Recognising Active Termites
Subterranean termites are small insects, approximately the size of a grain of rice. Although it is possible that you may encounter the dark, winged alates in early spring, this is rare . It is more probable that you will find workers and possibly soldiers. Workers and soldiers are creamy white in colour and soldiers have a darkened head capsule. Unlike the maggots that you may find in damp wood, termites have six legs and are more like ants, though without a constricted “waist”.
Termite Damage
Evidence of new activity is the presence of live termites or mud leads that were scraped off and subsequently rebuilt. Wood damage or mud leads with no visible termites are old termite evidence. Termite damaged wood has a laminated appearance with soil particles glued to the sides of the tunnel networks. The laminated appearance is due to the preferential feeding on the early wood of the annual growth rings.
Termite Damaged Timber
Subterranean termites tend to favour softwoods (pines etc) and faster growing hardwoods . Other building materials such as rigid polystyrene insulation boards, plaster, soft plastics, and underground cables, may be penetrated by foraging termites even though they do not feed on these materials.
Termite Mud Leads
Termite mud leads are built by subterranean termites with soil particles, saliva and faeces. They require persistent moisture and soil contact to protect them from desiccation and predation. Mud leads can be seen on trees, stumps, structural timber and foundations walls.
A thorough termite inspection by a Redback Pest Control licensed professional is the best way to detect if these devastating and costly timber pests are present in or around your home. Redback Pest Control can help with a number of proven termite eradication technologies. We have a access to the industries leading termite prevention products to fight the ongoing battle against termites. Termites are a threat to the No.1 investment of most Australians, their home! Don’t risk it!

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